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Custom Countertops, Sinks, Hoods and Accessories

PMI is the premier manufacturer of custom residential stainless steel kitchen counter tops, sinks, range hoods and other stainless steel products in the United States, shipping our custom made, hand crafted products to the 48 contiguous states and Alaska since 1968.

All of our stainless steel counter tops and sinks are custom made on-site from single flat sheets of #304 14 Gauge, 18-8 American Made steel.  Our craftsmen first cut and bend the counter tops to exacting specifications, the sink bowls are then formed and welded in place making a one piece unit. Then the welds on both the sinks and tops are ground smooth and polished to a rich satin finish.

PMI can design countertops to fit existing cabinetry and customers can choose the size, shape, contour and finish of their countertops, including diamond patterns of any size, custom edges and finishes ranging from satin to a high polish mirror.

Folks can make an appointment to see samples of our various finishes, backsplash designs, counter front edges, "highlighting", drain board design plus all sizes and shapes of countertops, sinks, pot racks and wall panels that are custom manufactured by PMI.

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